ISNA Outeach 2004

ISNA works hard to educate the world about intersex. Over the last 11 years of our work, we have reached millions of people through our outreach work! Here's a small sampling of what we've been up to in just the first half of this year.

Just since January 2004:

Time magazine did a feature on intersex including interviews with Debbie Hartman and Thea Hillman (ISNA board members).

The popular online newspaper Slate did a feature article on our founder and Executive Director, Cheryl Chase, and on the work of ISNA.

Our website continues to draw upwards of 1,600 visitors (and many more “hits”) each month; it provides them with basic information, news, access to videos, etc.

ISNA board members provided written and oral testimony to the San Francisco Human Rights Commission which held a historic public hearing on intersex on May 27, 2004, a hearing organized in large part by ISNA board members David Iris Cameron and Thea Hillman.

Board member Jane Goto has administered hundreds of personalized replies to inquiries received through our Help Desk (reachable through "email us" at top right).

The New Internationalist published “The Self I Will Never Know,” an account of intersex by ISNA board secretary Esther Morris Leidolf.

Esther Morris Leidolf and Alice Dreger (board members) provided an updated explanation of intersex for a new edition of the feminist medical health bible, Our Bodies, Ourselves.

Alice Dreger (board Chair) published a new book, One of Us, with Harvard University Press; the book discusses the problems of the standard medical treatment provided to children born with socially-challenging bodies. It has been positively reviewed in the New Yorker, the London Review of Books, JAMA, and Nature.

Esther Morris Leidolf and Alice Dreger (board members) have done interviews on behalf of ISNA with Gender Talk (radio), the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, WGN-TV in Chicago, Swerve Magazine, the Detroit Free Press, Seven Oaks Magazine, and a Chilean television news magazine.

Mani's Story: Yellow Is for Hermaphrodites, featuring Mani Mitchell (who first appeared in the ISNA documentary Hermaphrodites Speak!) won the Quantas Award (New Zealand’s “Oscar”) for he best television documentary.

We fought off claims by the “Traditional Values Coalition” that our goal is to raise children in a “third gender category” and destroy gender, pointing out that are real goal is to build a world that is safe for families coping with intersex.

<a href="/taxonomy/page/or/4"">Board members provided numerous public talks on intersex to universities, medical groups, political alliances, and church groups.

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