Article in JRSM endorses ISNA's call for delaying surgeries

In a recent article published in Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (2001;94:128-220), Sarah Creighton discusses the controversy regarding the early surgical treatment of intersex conditions, and endorses ISNA's call for moratorium pending more researches on medically unnecessary surgery on young children. Creighton wrote: "The main goal for clinicians working with intersex patients is to facilitate successful psychosocial adjustment. Until lately, genital surgery has been seen as the mainstay of treatment but recent evidence suggests that this is not so. Adult patients are unhappy and feel mutilated and damaged by surgery performed on them as young children... [Doctors] must step back and review their practices." The full text of the article is available online.

Also, BBS aired a radio interview with Melissa Cull of the British CAH support group and Creighton in its Dec. 11 edition of "Woman's Hour" program. You can listen to the interview with RealPlayer.

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