ISNA opens new office in Seattle; board expanded; plans launch of medical education video\n

For Immediate Release: February 5, 2003

SEATTLE, WA - The Intersex Society of North America (ISNA), an
advocacy and policy group for people with atypical genital and
reproductive anatomies, has moved its office to Seattle, Washington
from Petaluma, California.  In addition, Dr. Vernon Rosario,
a physician and medical historian, has joined the Board of Directors.

"We hope to reach out to our many allies in the medical
and bioethics communities in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest,
as well as pursuing our social change agenda nationally and across
North America," stated ISNA's Executive Director, Dr. Monica
Casper, Ph.D." Among other initiatives, we will be launching
an educational video that will offer the medical community a real
alternative to unnecessary surgeries on babies with intersex conditions."

Dr. Casper was referring to First,
Do No Harm: Total Patient Care for Intersex
, a documentary
film which presents a patient-centered approach to the health
needs of people with intersex conditions.  New evidence and
advances in medical ethics have led to the need for revision in
the standard of care for intersex. Critiquing current medical
practices and exploring a more ethical and humane approach to
treatment, the film is compelling, hard-hitting, and deeply moving.

The video is currently available
for purchase
on ISNA's website  and will be introduced
this year to medical schools and medical institutions across the
country. ISNA is releasing it in conjunction with a medical reform
"package" that includes information about textbook revision,
clinical guidelines for teaching intersex issues in medical schools,
and a parent's handbook.  ISNA will also establish a national
Medical Advisory Committee in 2003.

Dr. Vernon Rosario's addition to the Board of Directors will
strengthen ISNA's ties to the medical community. A child psychiatrist
in Los Angeles working in private practice and with LGBTI foster
children, Dr. Rosario received his Ph.D. in the History of Science
from Harvard University, and his M.D. from the Harvard Medical
School--M.I.T. Program in Health Sciences and Technology. 
He is a widely published scholar whose  current research
focuses on transgender and intersex children and adolescents.

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