Intersex Studies to be Offered at Portland State University

Syllabus Presented at Feb. 25 Open House

February 4, 2002

Contact: Emi Koyama,

During spring 2002 term starting in April, Emi Koyama, the Program
Assistant for Intersex Society of North America, will teach the
course "Intersexuality: An Interdisciplinary Exploration" at
Portland State University through its student-run Chiron program.
This course is believed to be the first of its kind as a for-credit,
full-length course about intersexuality.

The course consists of three main parts: First, students will learn
biological and medical facts about intersexuality and the current
treatment model toward intersex conditions. Second, they will
discuss issues raised by intersex activists in the past decade and
about the ongoing debate within medicine regarding reforming
intersex treatment. Lastly, students will learn to critique medical,
academic and popular culture materials produced about intersex. The
course mixes lecture, discussion, film, as well as guest speakers.
The registration is limited in size and will begin later this month.

To familiarize potential students with the topic and get them
interested in learning more about it by taking the course, Koyama
will hold an "unofficial open house" on PSU campus in which she will
present the syllabus for the course and answer questions about the
course and about intersex issues in general. Co-sponsored by PSU
Women's Resource Center, the open house will be held at Smith
Memorial Center room 294 on February 25 at 4:00 pm. The syllabus is
also avaialble via email by request in case someone cannot make the
open house but is interested in learning more about the course.

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