Our Bodies, Ourselves Includes Intersex

At the start of ISNA’s life, when Cheryl Chase wondered why the facts of intersex weren’t included in the women’s health bible, Our Bodies, Ourselves, some people told her intersex was a women’s health issue.

Kudos to the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective for today realizing it is! We’re thrilled that the new edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves includes a section on intersex written by members of ISNA. It even includes a note about ISNA’s mission and how to find our website.

We’re especially impressed that the editors included an excerpt from the autobiography of our Board Chair, Angela Moreno Lippert as previously published in full in Intersex in the Age of Ethics. Angela’s story is shocking and moving, and will help reach out to those Our Bodies readers who have suffered similarly—and will reach out to those who are committed to helping us push for progressive care for people with intersex. And it will be quite a reach since Our Bodies has sold more than four million copies!

Special thanks go to our former Executive Director Monica Casper and former board member Esther Morris Leidolf for facilitating this breakthrough. Esther and our Director of Community Relations, Jane Goto have also been asked to contribute information about the experiences of intersex women for the forthcoming Our Bodies, Ourselves book on menopause.

We’re making real progress, people!

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