April Herndon, Ph.D.

Classification: Emeritus

April Herndon
April Herndon, Ph.D. served as ISNA’s Director of Programming from June 2005-June 2006. Along with ISNA’s Executive Director Cheryl Chase and former Director of Medical Education Alice Dreger, Dr. Herndon helped to administer our Clinicians’ and Parents’ Handbooks Project, funded respectively by the California Endowment and the Arcus Foundation. Dr. Herndon also helped administer public outreach work, production and distribution of educational materials, and research related to ISNA’s mission-based programming. She helped establish ISNA’s Speakers Bureau, edited ISNA’s newly revised “Teaching Intersex Issues,” wrote blogs, co-authored grants, helped upkeep ISNA’s website, and forged and fostered relationships with ISNA volunteers.

Dr. Herndon leaves ISNA for a tenure track position in Women and Gender Studies and English at Winona State University where she will teach and run the WILL Program (Women Involved in Living and Learning). She hopes to have the time and space to do the things she loves most: teaching undergraduates, working with students, fishing, bird watching, riding her new bicycle, and cooking.

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