Teaching Intersex Issues

Teaching Intersex Issues is designed for undergraduate classes and offers instructors a two-week unit on intersex issues in a format that can easily be added to existing syllabi, expanded to constitute an entire course, or trimmed down to a few class sessions.

Teaching Intersex Issues

The kit contains an annotated bibliography of recommended texts as well as discussion questions and sample activities for the classroom. The lesson plan included is interdisciplinary and appropriate for undergraduate courses in Science and Technology Studies, Bioethics, Women’s Studies, and Cultural Studies.

Each Teaching Intersex Issues kit contains:

  • Teaching Intersex Issues, a handbook that includes two one-week units with class plans, reading, discussion questions and activities

  • a Speakers Handbook with valuable information about intersex conditions, photographs and stories from ISNA speakers, and advice about dealing with student questions

  • helpful suggestions for writing about intersex issues that can be used by both instructors and students

ISNA recommends that instructors purchasing Teaching Intersex Issues also consider purchasing the videos used in the two-week unit. The recommended videos are:


Download the teaching packet, free of charge.

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