Arlene Baratz, M.D.

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\*Arlene Baratz, M.D.\* has been a medical advisor to the Androgen Insensitivity Support Group for seven years and joined the ISNA Medical Advisory Board earlier this year. Prior to joining the board, Baratz was a contributor on the Handbook for Parents and the Clinical Guidelines, new publications for both families and health care providers dealing with DSDs produced by ISNA and the DSD Consortium.

When asked how her previous experience as a radiologist working with breast cancer prepared her for her work with ISNA, Baratz says, “I have been practicing in the specialty of breast radiology for 16 years. We have used a comprehensive care model for many years. Radiologists work side by side with breast surgeons, oncologists, radiation therapy physicians, nurses, and social workers to provide care for the whole patient. Radiologists fought hard in the 1980’s for the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA). This is a law guaranteeing that every patient will receive an excellent mammogram and follow-up studies according to guidelines that use best practice standards of care. I hope to bring this experience to help improve the care of DSD patients.” ISNA is pleased that Arlene Baratz is lending her considerable talents and experience to its Board.

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