Young Adult Novel Features Intersex Character

We’re pleased to announce the publication of Fool for Love by Lisa Lees.

Lisa Lees is a long time ISNA supporter and Fool for Love is a young adult novel that offers a realistic and caring narrative about a high school student named Jami and her partner Carys.

In a world where representations matter and many young intersex and/or queer people seldom see themselves reflected in characters in literature or film, Fool for Love centers Jami’s experience with her intersex condition, highlighting her loving relationships with her parents and her partner as well as her struggles against people’s homophobic attitudes and misunderstanding of what it means to have an intersex condition. In addition, Fool for Love weaves references to ISNA, Hermaphrodites with Attitude, and PFLAG throughout its narrative, offering young readers useful information about where they might learn more about these issues and even find support and allies.

We’re grateful to Lisa for taking on this project and hope other authors will follow!

Fool for Love is available for purchase at

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