Yellow for Hermaphrodites: Mani's Story

Yellow for Hermaphrodites: Mani's Story
This video was produced by [Greenstone Pictures]1 and is now distributed by ISNA.

A documentary film that traces the life of the intersex activist Mani Mitchell (from “Hermaphrodites Speak!”). Frances Grant wrote in The New Zealand Herald: “The documentary’s strength comes from the fact that it is nearly all told in Mani’s own words. Strong and articulate, she traces the momentous changes in her life which led to self-acceptance and lack of fear in drawing attention to her ambiguous appearance… [It] is a courageous and unsentimental account of a person who has confronted and overcome extraordinary pressures and exclusion.” Also featured in the film are American intersex activists Angela Moreno and David Vandertie. 

Mani herself says about the film: “I was asked to make this documentary after a TV researcher learned of my proposed trip to America to attend the annual GLBT Creating Change Conference in Milwaukee 2001… I agreed to do this as a queer identified intersex person who believes with passion about creating change. Creating a world where it will be safe, a world that respects and enjoys ALL who are different. I thought the documentary would be an easy process… It was not. It became probably the most challenging, powerful, unusual and creative task I have ever done outside of a therapeutic setting.”

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